Class of 1960
60th Reunion at Embassy Suites Burlingame

Craig Arnot and Carole McEwen
Claude Bart Mireille Hughes sister of Patricia Bart Urban
Elaine Bianchi Helmig
Kathleen(Kathy) Biggles Chiappari
John and Sharon Blevens
Roger Bottari
Mike Chiappari
Sharon Dietel Munkdale and Steve Munkdale
Ronan(Ron) and Ana Erickson
Ron Herriott and Pam Quarg Herriott
Valerie Hykal Bishop and Ernie Finke
Donna Marshall Holliday and Bill Holliday
Jane(Pam) Purpus Stillwater
Judy Sutten Hedgecock
Elida Thompson Ickes
Tony and Anna Uriarte

Ron and Pam
Jane and Anna
Claude and Jane
Donna and Bill
Donna and Jane
Roger, Elida, Elaine and Judy
Roger, Craig and Ron
Valerie and Roger
Jane and Elaine
Elida, Roger and Jane
Jane and Valerie
Ernie and Valerie
Anna and Tony
Kathy and Mike
Mike, Ronan, Ana and Kathy
John and Sharon
Steve, Ronan, Sharon and John
Our Bartender Kim
and Hostess Joanie
Elaine and Valerie.