Donna Bailey


I knew in high school that I wanted to go to college and eventually teach or work in a city recreation department. After graduating from high school I went to San Francisco State and majored in recreation administration. After two years Liane Sarmento asked if I wanted to go to New York, she had a job there and got me one too. We went and in a couple of months Susan Smith joined us. Well you can imagine three small town girls in the really big City. What an experience! I came home after a year and resumed my college education and graduated in 1967.


I am single and play golf every chance I get.  Favorite movies include most any Hitchcock movie and more recently Mama Mia and Blind Side.


After my graduation from college, I spent a year in Korea/Japan in Special Services where I worked with the military and their families. On my return I worked for the city of San Jose for five years. From there I went to Fresno State to get my masters degree and taught for two years. I found out teaching was not what I really wanted to do. I then went to the city of Visalia and worked until my retirement in 2004. My final job there was as Community Services Director where I was responsible for parks and recreation, the convention center, golf course and the airport. I had a wonderful career there.


Retirement was easy for me. I had worked since I was freshman in high school and looked forward to it. Plus I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and you really do a lot of soul searching as to what is important. I am happy to say I am seven years cancer free. When I did retire I did some traveling to Hawaii and a cruise to Alaska was at the top of my list. I worked at my petŐs veterinary practice part time as practice manager (I always wanted to be a vet!) and also coached one of the high schools girlsŐ golf team. I did those things until 2008 when I thought I would now totally retire. I did but not for long. Our SPCA asked if I would serve as interim director until they could find a new director. I had been on the Board for years and knew the organization quite well. It was not a great experience (too many unwanted animals) but I made it through until a new director was hired. So in April of 2009 I totally retired and have been doing some traveling around the United States and playing golf whenever and wherever I can!