I had no goals, and went on to college pretty much for that reason...nothing else to do. I was only qualified to be a busboy in a restaurant and stayed that way thru college (except for the under aged warming of a barstool at Artichoke Joes). I dropped out of college in my junior year and motorcycled thru Europe headlined at the time as "The Worst Winter of the Century".  I then went back and graduated from college.  Since I wanted to be radio host Don Sherwood, I got a job in radio at Lake was a peanut whistle on the end of the dial but it was radio. Turned out I had no talent on-air, but was a crackerjack at selling radio time.....kept doing it for 40 years...last was KFI Los Angeles.


No military service due to a punctured eardrum..4F...maybe Europe winter did it!


Places lives included New York, Chicago, and Dallas.


It's timely to mention Dallas....I didn't want to leave LA in 1983 but there were no jobs for me....same as 2009...high unemployment...layoffs etc.  But, one stop into the unemployment office for my "paycheck" and I wouldn't return.  Heard of work in Dallas and went, wife and all.  Loved Dallas, but wasn't the income I'd been used to (though you can live pretty damned high for 1/3 what CA costs...home on the lake, fish from the backyard, that kind of thing).Pretty much that done in the present wife.  In '88 moved back to CA, got remarried and in 2000 retired from the radio thing… but not the wife.


Favorite sports include's not a sport and for sure it's not exercise, but I do it...I think of it as sightseeing. We have a black Newfoundland 100+ pounder him when we lived near Yosemite..liked the cold. Now we're in Palm Desert, 100+ degrees daily in summer. The dog can't talk but far as I can tell, he liked the mountains better. Love that of the good things about retirement...there's time for your dog.


Favorite movies include  Godfather, Biloxi Blues, Juno, Midnight Cowboy,  and Cousin Vinny.


Education includes College (BA degree),  CA. Real Estate Broker. TX Real Estate Broker. NASD dealer. The licenses got used when radio swooned from time to time.


In addition to radio sales I was also involved in real estate, gold, oil and computer sales.


Retired. I should have done this right out of hi school...tried to but had no money...but, I'm finally totally qualified for something and this is it..and I still have the busboy knack...haven't lost the sense of clearing the table even at home.