After HS I got married and had three sons.


 Favorite sport would be horse racing.  In 1990 I was fortunate to be able to buy a race horse and for the next five years had a total of five horses.  Two we owned totally and the other three in partnership. I still have the mare that raced for three or four years.


Pets include five dogs, one cat, one horse, two mules, one donkey and five goats. We had seven, but lions have gotten two of them. Our dogs include three hounds, one rat terrier and one toy fox terrier.


Favorite movies include Casino, In Casey’s Shadow, American Gangster, and Ben Hur,


I went to work at the Marin County Library in 1970. In 1973 I was promoted to a supervisory position. When Prop 13 was enacted, we had severe cuts and I was sent to a branch as a Desk Supervisor. Then in 1984 I went back to the Civic Center Branch and in 1985 was promoted to a Mid Management position which oversaw Ordering/Processing of all library materials; the circulation computer system; and delivery of materials to branches.


I retired in 1999 because of so many changes at my job. In November 1998, I went to the doctor with many symptoms and was told they were all stress related.  I was told to take off work and that I was depressed. I did and when my doctor said I had to go back to work, I just couldn't face it, so I took vacation and personnel leave until April when I retired. I had a very hard time being retired and not productive, so I started remodeling my house. I installed a new dishwasher, remodeled the bathroom, tiled the bathroom floor and kitchen counters, painted, etc. We had bought a house in Calaveras County for retirement in 1992. The house was done on the outside, but a shell inside. After so many years of just enough to get our permit signed off for the six month period, the county said we needed to finish it. So I stared working on that house. I insulated, sheet rocked, tiled, painted, installed laminate and built my own cabinets and doors. The biggest accomplishment to me was in designing my kitchen and bathroom layout and then building each cabinet unit, face frame and doors.