I planned to marry my love all thru HS, Phil Freiermuth who also graduated form Cap but in 1959. After graduation, we got married on Nov. 12, 1960.... we will be married 50 years this November and plan to go to Hawaii for another "honeymoon"! Our plans were just to be married and start a family. We had our first daughter a year later, then another daughter 13 mos. later...then our son 19 mos. later...that was our "career" or chosen path and we are very fortunate to have a wonderful family.


We lived in San Bruno for a couple years, then moved to San Mateo in Shoreview for a couple years...then to Fiesta Gardens in San Mateo where we have been for 43 years!


As I said, we've been married for 50 years this November...HOPEFULLY!... lol...We have three children....five grandsons ranging from 27 yrs. down to 15 mos., 1 granddaughter, three great-grandsons, and one great-granddaughter! WE are fortunate to have most of them living close to us, except the oldest daughter, grandson and wife and their 4 kids live in Utah...too far away for us!


We are both retired now for about five years, but I still work few hrs. a week...whenever needed for a Personal Trainer doing his bookwork and office management..He is a neighbor and friend for years so itís a great job to go to! I also occasionally work for a real estate doing the Realtor Open Houses...it is a great little job where I enjoy meeting interesting people and enjoying seeing the different houses and decorating ideas!


We both enjoy our grandkids sports and never miss a game if we can help it...I even ran into a classmate at a game who was going to her grandsonís game..and the boys even knew each other....what a kick that was! Phil keeps busy around the house...he can do about anything...a real handyman..and helps the kids also and keeps busy all the time....I can't keep up with him.


I enjoy computer work...love it all...mostly work on photo creations for family gifts and friends...love photos...but have way too many....I also still love to sew when I make the time...and quilt a little too!


WE LOVE BASEBALL.... besides the kids games....we love to go to the Giants games when we can! I also go with one of our grandsons and have a great time with him chasing after autographs! lol


Don't really like to exercise...but try to do a little...you can imagine since I work with a Personal Trainer...and can do it anytime I want...I'm trying to take advantage of it...but...don't really like it...Phil walks all over the place...he is good...I need to walk with him more...ok...I'll try! Our neighbors call him the "streetwalker"! LOL




We've had dogs and cats and birds, but unfortunately now they have all gone to Pet Heaven...and we have just been too busy to have another pet....we just don't feel we have the time or energy to give them the care they need, not fair to them...so we just enjoy others....our daughter has a cat...and the grandkids have cats too...we enjoy them!


Education include just High School...got married...no degrees, EXCEPT I would call Homemaker, Mother, and Wife, an honor and a big job!


I did have several "Ceramic" certificates for specialty work during the time I owned a ceramic shop and taught many classes...I loved it...and ceramics unfortunately now is nothing like it used to be...all they do now is glaze a piece...thatís sad that it came to that!


Career wise, I did work when kids were young teenagers as a "Secretary" for an Insurance Office...but part time.... I also did home sewing for people and made extra money that way.... I even sold Avon for some time...did ok. Then, as I said, I had a ceramic business for 25 years!...it was very rewarding and I've made many friends that I still see occasionally, I have some great memories thru those years also and many creative pieces, mostly all given away now.


I later went back to work part-time for a networking company as an Administrative Assistant.... worked six years and then retired when the company moved across the Bay, it was time anyway.... been retired about six years or so...lost track! As I said, Phil was a mechanic until five years ago also...he mainly paid the bills, I helped! I still do little jobs as I said, when needed...but keep busy all the time! Life keeps us busy now and also we relax visiting friends when we can and enjoy life while we can...we count our blessings every day!