I remember more “not wanting to do things” more than “wanting to do things”..like I never wanted to work at the same thing or in the same place for 50 years., or wear out my welcome by staying in the same place too long.  I've had 86 different jobs enjoyed some..loathed others....and 50 years has flown by. Last year my oldest son brought me the class yearbook found in an old closet. Since I only went to Cap most of the last two years..but mostly I've enjoyed subsequent years. I must have since I don't drink, do drugs, or smoke and have never felt compelled to abuse the wife and kids to alleviate anxiety or other pains...also am father of 12 year old and 18 month. yes month old boy hope everybody has had as much fun as I've had....never spent too much time at the office...another memory of Cap...I found it different after growing up among so many different races in S.F. to be in a school where there were few Asians, Latinos, or Blacks....after Grad I reverted back to the city except for time spent with R. Resendez & Bob Mills.


I was in the Army for three years, achieving the rank of E4.


I lived in Germany less than a year while working for an Airline, lived mostly in San Francisco and now live in Illinois. Because I moved around a lot, I left my parents' address in other directories.


At 65 I became the father of a boy, now 18 mos. old, also have 12 and 38 year old boys, Still, as always, like movies, music, and travel. Married once for 27 years and now currently for 14 years. I have been retired for almost 19 years


I no longer share the American phobias for sports and pets


I have an extensive film collection (7,000+ titles)but my favorites are those of the old comic masters of silent screen and early sound where I like maybe 25 films about the same, but I can name five not in that category, Tom Jones, The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, Judgment at Nuremberg, and The Great Escape.


Education includes an AA degree and some additional college courses.


Anybody can follow the usually prescribed life path of school, children, work, retirement, with something interesting occasionally thrown in (like maybe adultery) but it takes a left-hander to retire and then have children...cool, huh?  I won't have to worry about my children coming to visit me when I'm old and abandoned. they’ll still be here.....and when they're not, I probably won't be either.