I fully intended to go to college after graduating, but about a month later I collapsed at my summer job and, long story short, was hospitalized and operated on for Ovarian Cancer. The prognosis the doctors gave my parents was very critical and since I was only 18, (remember in those days you weren't an adult until 21) my mother decided it would be better if I didn't know. Apparently I wasn't expected to live six days, then six weeks, then six months, etc. In the meantime, most people who were close to me knew and didn't say a thing to me. Well I did enroll in college (SF State) and Mom had forewarned the college so when I took the physical no questions were asked (that would never happen these days!). Rich asked me to marry him (knowing full well of my condition) and we were married 1/28/62 and happily celebrated our 47th anniversary this year. I tricked my doctor into telling me because when I would see someone they would ask me how I was feeling before they said hello and it started to really annoy me. Also, we were in San Luis Obispo (Rich was at Cal Poly) and every time I wanted to see a doctor (for a cold or whatever) Rich would suggest we go home and I could see MY doctor. Hey,I was young and dumb...so I'd agree. I told the doctor that I knew what was up and I wanted the details and when he told me I guess he could tell from the look on my face that I didn't know....the rest is history and I know my parents and friends and relatives did what was best for me at the time. Rich and I adopted a daughter in 1966 and she is the love of our life!


We have been pretty conservative all our lives and in 2005 decided that we'd try living in Santa Fe (to the shock of all who knew us). We still have our house in Los Altos Hills (leased) and will move back eventually, but are having a wonderful adventure! This is a shorthand version of what happened after High school. I wouldn't change a thing! We decided we didn't need two homes in a four season climates so sold our Tahoe house (25 years) in 2007. We were living half the year in Tahoe and half in Santa Fe.


We have a daughter that lives in Arizona and still hope to be grandparents one day. When our daughter left for college (1984) I started a southwestern food business called "Santa Fe Savories" and sold to high end gourmet retail stores across the country (Neimans, Oakville Grocery, etc.), it didn't turn into a "Mrs. Fields" but I really enjoyed the process. I went back to school as an adult and lack one class to get an AA in Studio Art. I love to paint (oil mostly) but all forms appeal to me. I call myself a "student of art" and enjoy the process...I play a lot of tennis, go to the gym at least 3 days a week, take a "jazz" dance class once a week and love to cook (hence the gym)! Teach art to disabled children and do various charity work. I appreciate every day as I really feel I've had a second chance and don't want to waste a moment.


I've been an avid tennis player for at least 30 years. I hope to learn golf in my golden years, Rich and I played when we were early married but our busy life took priority (Rich had a commercial printing company for 30 years).


Favorite moves of all time include Sleepless in Seattle, Love you to Death, Dream Girls, Slumdog Millionaire, and A Farewell to Arms


I got to be a stay at home Mom and do all the things that entails. I volunteered for numerous things from PTA to Girl Scout leader, fundraisers, fashion shows, Children's Home Society, church, etc. I also taught Gingerbread Workshops for the local recreation departments in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.