Military Service/Career: Twenty-Three years in US Coast Guard, retired as Commander


After graduation from California Maritime Academy in 1963, never returned. Lived in:


New York City 2 years

Philadelphia, PA 3 years

New York (again) 3 years

Portland, OR 6 years

Buffalo, NY 4 years

London, England 2 years

Chesapeake, VA since 1983


Married to Diane Vasselo 37 years. Three children. Currently married to Paige, three years. 1 grandchild. Started motor homing 2008.


Favorite pets are whatever I have at the moment. Currently have two daschounds (sp?).


Education: California Maritime Academy (Vallejo), B.S Marine Engineering.


Positions Held: Second Assistant, Steam Vessels Any Horsepower, and, Third Assistant Motor Vessel Any Horsepower.


Career Path: US Merchant Marine 2 years; US Coast Guard 23 years; owner, music recording studio, 20 years; video production and post-production.


Final retirement 2008, smooth transition. Actually semi-retired for last 66 years.