Marv Crowder, aka, Laura Jack


I was married right after graduation which changed my last name so I thought what the heck, IÕll change that first name that I never liked at the same time.  Just that easy, I was Laura Jack; short, simple, easy to spell - and to pronounce.


In 1973 I moved to Miami, Florida, enrolled in Florida International University, obtained a BA in Psychology with a minor in Business and found a career I loved in Human Resources. 


I flourished in the warm tropical climate of South Florida.  I joined a high tech company while still in college and had a long and successful career there.  They were eventually bought out and moved out of the area. 


I had my own Human Resources Consulting firm for a while and during that time produced a series of career videos for the school system, cable TV, and ultimately a series of Career Clips (insert programming)  for the local CBS newscast.  I was lured back into the corporate world and retired last year when the company I was with was bought out by a major corporation and moved to Chicago.  


Animals have always been my passion.  I was on the Board of Directors for the Zoological Society for a number of years.  When a friend of mine founded the Center for Great Apes I became actively involved with her project.  Please check it out at  It will touch your heart.