After HS I considered becoming a lawyer but was unsure of what I really wanted to do. I ended up joining the Army with Mike Mullins, six months after graduation, for 3 years. I did a tour of duty in Gelhausen, Germany for two years.Got out of the Army as a SP/4.


Lived in California all my life except for my three years in the Army; seven months in Oregon in 2003 and 25 months outside of Memphis, TN. in 2006. I returned to Santa Rosa September 2008. Itís wonderful to be home.


I married Sharon Belluomini in December 1961. Was married for 17 years, and had two boys. Divorced and married my wife Susan September 1994. Sharon passed away in February 2007. We remained the best of friends for many years


My favorite sports are football, basketball and golf.I have been weight training for 20 plus years and it has become part of my life style.We have owned two cats for 14 years.Also, had a German Shepard K/9 while I was a police officer.My favorite hobby's are golfing and reading.


Favorite movies include Shawshank Redemption, God Father, Great Escape, The Sting, and Good Fellows


I attended San Mateo Junior College while working as a Police Officer.


After the Army, in 1965-69 I worked four years for Berkley Farms Dairy as Driver/Salesman. In 1969-73, I was a Police Officer in Hillsborough. I had a K/9 for two years. In 1974, moved to Healdsburg in Sonoma County, 1975 to 1998, Driver/Salesman for Orweat Bread. I Retried in 1998.I came out of retirement to work as Security Officer for Sonoma County Courts, my current job.


I have retired a couple of times and opted to go back to work. I am currently working and may retire in a couple of years.