After graduation I spent two years at U. C. Berkley with plans to be an engineer or architect. Not finding this to be my future I went to work for my father. I worked hard, 6-7 days a week for 20 years and was then able to retire in 1984. I have been coasting ever since.


Joan Blaess and I got married in 1963 and have 2 daughters, both college graduates. Our oldest daughter, Amy, lives in San Francisco and has a Masters in Fine Arts. She has had art shows in various cities including New York and San Francisco. You can Google her to see her work. Our other daughter, Ann, lives in San Mateo Park with her husband and has made Joan and I very happy with our only grandchild.


Since retiring we have had a wonderful life. We have traveled a lot, 25 times to England and Europe, been to Africa, South America, Russia, the Philippines and many trips to Baja for some great fishing. We’ve rafted in Alaska and the Grand Canyon. I have kept busy these last 25 years with many interests including fishing hunting, antiquing and collecting too many things. Joan and I dealt in fine English silver for awhile which took us to London many times. Our favorite cities are London, Paris, New York and of course, San Francisco.


We enjoy fine food and good wine and have been fortunate to experience many of the fine restaurants in the bay area and throughout the world.


We have lived in two houses in the last 46 years, our current home, in the Baywood area of San Mateo, for 36 years.  We’ve thought about moving many times but think the bay area is the best and our final destination.


The last two years have been rough as Joan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2006 and is still having chemotherapy. We are hoping for the best. She is a tough little cookie and has kept her spirits up throughout this ordeal.