I always wanted to become an engineer in High School and math and science was my thing. I also worked for an electrical contractor during high school and college and ultimately quit college after two years and became an electrician; they made more money. I became their estimator and ran the estimating department for 10 years and retired at 35. I bought 16 houses over a period of 15 years. Started my own Real Estate and Development Company. Went through two divorces which levels the field quickly and I continue to work in San Francisco and love my job. I garden, play golf and travel extensively. I plan to live an active life to 100.


Personal/Interests:  Two 20 year hitches with two great ladies. One daughter from the first marriage. Gardening, traveling and golf are my loves.


Civic Involvement:  I am a Past Master of Columbia Brotherhood Lodge in San Francisco; a member of the Alameda Elks Club, and a member of the Norwegian Club in San Francisco.


Sports, Exercise and Favorite Movies:  I love Golf, Golf and Golf. I exercise daily with dumbbells and a rowing machine. I have a wonderful dog, Angie.  Favorite movies of all time include Casa Blanca, Ben Hur, Gold Finger, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones


Education: Two years at UC Berkeley, no degree.  Electrical and General Contractor; Real Estate Broker.


Career path:  Electrical Industry for 18 years. Real Estate for 30 years. Real Estate investments and development.


Retirement:  I first retired when I was 35 and went crazy. I do not plan to ever retire; love my work and it keeps the mind and body alert.