Jackie Genochio Rhodes


Prior to graduation from Capuchino High, I married Jim Rhodes,  Capuchino Class of 1958. Those early years I worked in retail in San Mateo county. I lived in several bay area towns before settling into the San Jose area, wher I lived for over twenty five years. That is where my two children were raised both a boy and a girl. That was before Silicon Valley emerged. During those years I worked in retail part time. I attended West Valley College taking one class a semester. The classes were in tennis, skiing and running. Running I took very seriously. My interests then turned in a different direction. My community interest was Junior League of San Jose, there I went through the entire year as provisional. I stayed active in the league for about two years.



After a marriage of just a little over twenty five years, I divorced and continued to live not far from my San Jose residence in the town of Los Gatos, California. I worked in the winery called Novitiate Winery. I stayed there until the winery was no longer going to operate. After several months of commuting to Palo Alto for work I was hired by Mirrasou Winery in San Jose. This was a wonderful experience and I stayed there for two years. Wanting to further my winery experience I planned a move to the Napa Valley. My parents, June and Gene Genochio, had moved to St. Helena, California several years before. During my early years I worked in several wineries. This began in the late eighties and was both educational and interesting. By the early nineties my interest in doing marathons emerged again. After doing the Sacramento Marathon I was able to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I ran in this marathon for a few years. During this time my first grandchild was born who is now nineteen years old.


I found living in Napa Valley to be a costly experience. I moved to Carson City, Nevada. I kept residence in Nevada for ten years. Medical insurance kept me there. The winters were cold and I was not used to snow. During this time I also worked in Napa Valley and stayed at my parents house. I traveled to Carson City about four days a month, which I did enjoy. During this time, I had three more grandchildren.  Their ages now are seventeen, sixteen and thirteen. During the last year of residence in Nevada, I moved into Reno for work at a large sporting good store.


Currently I am a full time residence of St Helena, California, living in a little studio close to public transportation. I still attend school, Napa Valley College, there I have taken several classes in swimming, spinning and word processing. Still working through an agency in Napa Valley part time at a few wineries.