Bertha (now go by Bert) Glaetzer Barton


Took the business classes at CAP (must have been influenced by all those Perry Mason TV programs). Have been a legal secretary/administrative assistant in the legal field for some 34 years - this job is nothing like Della Street's! I mean, really - did you ever see her behind a typewriter?


Started out as a "Junior Steno" at Standard Oil Company of California in San Francisco straight from CAP, living in a Guest House (boarding house) up on Nob Hill a block down from the Mark Hopkins Hotel.


Worked for a year in HR and decided I really wanted to head to college - wanted to teach Jr. High Social Studies and English - so saved my $ and ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch because that would keep in my room and not get swiped out of the communal frig. I am not terribly fond of PB&J to this day but like peanut butter toast in the morning, go figure.


Two years at San Francisco State and junior year up at Central Washington State College in Ellensburg, WA (now both universities) and that was that. Fell in love with one of the residents I had met at the guest house in San Francisco - Dale Barton (we had kept in touch - he was from Yakima, WA, and the reason I moved to Washington State). We married, had a son, and then proceeded to follow his career, living in Seattle, Yakima, Salt Lake City; Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where I learned what a wind-chill factor was - clueless Californian that I was); Portland, OR, back to Yakima, and then to Boise, Idaho, in 1980.


At the one point where I considered going back and getting my degree, there was a teacher glut, so to speak, and we were bringing up two children (had a daughter in Wisconsin) and money was tight, and I didn't pursue it.


In addition to Standard Oil, have worked for the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney's office a couple of stints, the Utah State Geological Survey, an insurance company claims department, a collection agency, and officially became a legal secretary when we moved to Boise (insurance defense, estate planning, business, and now work with bankruptcy attorneys on the creditor side of the fence v. the debtor.


Now that I look back, I can't imagine (as shy as I was) that teaching junior high would have been my gig - no wonder my ed prof at CWSC "suggested" I might like teaching elementary school! P.S. - late bloomer - no longer particularly shy (thank heaven).


Moving about was quite the adventure, and probably why I love the sayings "Bloom Where You Are Planted" and "Home is Where the Heart Is." It certainly made me learn to be flexible and to enjoy the moment, the people, and the place where life has happened to lead you.


The marriage lasted 23 1/2 years and we parted amicably as possible, for which I am very grateful. About nine months after that, a friend invited me to a surprise 40th birthday party for another mutual friend, and I met a gentleman there who actually invited me (a beginner golfer - egad!) to go golfing with him and another couple the next day, and we have been "significant others" for 21 years now - his house, my house - great friend to my adult kids, we enjoy each other's company, and what the heck, life is good. Sadly, he will be traveling at the time of our reunion, and can't join us. His name is Terry Aldrich, and he is retired Air Force/ Idaho Air Guard at this point. Not that retirement seems to be slowing anyone down, I notice!


In an endeavor to learn more about what I was supposed to be doing in private law practice, I joined the local chapter of NALS . . . the association for legal professionals (National Association of Legal Secretaries at the time), and you know how that goes - you only want to be on a committee, work in the background - and then there is the need for someone to step and take office, and the next thing you know, you are chapter president, and then state president. And then, more fool me, I thought we ought to liaise with the administrative professionals group (now IAAP - formerly National Secretaries Association) because our education sometimes crossed over. Was not going to "get involved" with that group other than just share information. Well, you know how that went, and I am now doing a rerun this year as president elect of that group, with the chapter presidency after that. That should get me up to retirement, presuming the gods are willing.


Daughter (Denise) is an RN at a hospital here in Boise and has a home in a neighborhood close by. Son Brian has moved back with me post divorce. His son, Drew, only grandchild, comes down from Orofino (east of Lewiston, in the north central part of Idaho, Pacific Time zone, on the Clearwater River off Highway 12 heading to Missoula) for visitation. Drew is now 11.


So that's sort of a "wrap" for me. I enjoy what I do - never boring - maybe a little busier than one would like, especially considering the area of the law in which I work - that's the downside, the repercussions of the current economy.


And I've enjoyed volunteering for various things, getting a team up for Rake up Boise and Paint the Town here in Boise; reading for the Idaho Blind Commission; political campaigns.


Think I like the philosophy of my ex's grandmother, who always said she'd "rather wear out than rust." Rusting does not sound at all appealing!


Hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, gentle hikes (at this point!), and quiet get-togethers with friends.  As for pets, have had springer spaniels and lots of cats and gerbils, mice, white & hooded rats (you know how it is bringing up kids!). Now have a senior cat adopted from the Humane Society who came with the name Fat Cat. OK - she is - but good grief. I have renamed her Lady Katherine or Lady KatKat. My five favorite movies of all time include: Gone with the Wind, Cannery Row, Legal Eagles, Terms of Endearment, and Tootsie


In addition to my college work, I earned PLS (advanced legal) certification through NALS and have proctored exams ever since and engineered study groups. I am still working - hope to work till age 70, then would like to do volunteer work or maybe work part time or maybe a combo.


Look forward to catching up with the Class of '60!