Jean Hanschen Dean

I had a college prep program with the thought of becoming a teacher. So, I went to SF State for four years and graduated in 1964 with Wayne Hooper and John Mc Clurg. I taught in San Bruno at John Muir School and then went with the Department of Defense to teach one year in Okinawa and one year in Germany. Loved both experiences and still am friends with people I met.

I lived on Kadena Air Force Base in a Quonset hut in 1966-67 and on Butzbach Army Post the following year.  Traveled in the Far East and in Europe during that time. Once married, we lived in Mt. View, San Mateo, Belmont and Orangevale, where we have lived for 21 years.

Married Rich, an Air Force pilot, and banker, in 1972 in St. Gregory's Church in San Mateo. We have two daughters, Emily and Kathy, who live in San Rafael and Sacramento. Both have significant others and we see one another regularly.

We have traveled during our married life often, especially once we both retired. I like to read, cook, garden, volunteer, sew and have recently learned to knit and am learning to play the guitar. 

I used to ski and play tennis. Now I walk and swim. We have a new pet, Sophie, an American Cocker Spaniel, after having an assortment of cats and dogs as our girls were growing up.

Earned BA from SF State in 1964 and wrote a GED book to be used by students studying in this program.

My career consisted of teaching, whether children, adults who did not get their diplomas, or children/adults who did not speak English as their first language.

Have been retired since 2001, but still sub for my friends who are either ESL teachers or ABE teachers in the Adult Program in the San Juan School District in Sacramento.