I went thru High School, wanting to be a house wife and mother. I took art classes, home ec, and some office skill classes. Well they all paid off...I was a stay at home mom, going to work when Fred got ill and continuing to work in office related jobs till 2007 when I retired. My art classes?  Well, my hobby is baking and decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, just because cakes, Floral work and party decor. I'm a stay at home Great Grandma....baby sitting and watching the next generation grow.....


Millbrae in 1961 moving to Petaluma and have been here ever since.


Married Fred Nommsen in 1963, we have two children, four grandkids, and one great grandson. Fred passed away in 1991; we were married almost 27 years. I later remarried, an old friend, but we are now divorced.


Family comes first. Dinners, camping, family nights, just plain sitting around and talking....then cake decorating and 4-H.


I have never been interested in sports - the rest of the family is so maybe baseball - the grandkids played baseball and fast pitch soft ball in school and college.


Favorite movies? You know the last time I went to the movies, no lie, was when American Graffiti came out....that was when?  But I do keep good company.


I worked as a bookkeeper till I retired. The transition to retirement was great. Wish I could have done it sooner....but loving it....