Oh, my but the difference between the dream and the reality can really slap one in the face can't it?  My dream was to be a child psychologist and raise a family of at least four children. I took a college prep course of study in HS but got married in March after graduation (dumb decision).  The reality was that the man I married was sterile, (no children there), and an over achiever with an IQ of 80.  I found a job working with children through the probation department and become a foster mom to 37 sons.  Finally, realizing that my marriage was a terrific mistake, I tried it one more time and got a child of my own, a son of whom I am most proud. His father was the love of my life but, it seems I was not his and so he went his way to find happiness in a few other ladies’ arms. He was my best friend and I miss him, his sense of humor, his honesty and the working of his mind. Luckily I worked all through this.


I have lived in California the whole time, being a fifth generation there was little else I could so. By now the roots have grown deep and thick.


I am currently single but looking to try again if I can find a companion for all the levels of life that have their separate demands on relationships.  My mother lives with me at this writing, is 86 and going strong with little hints of losing the battle to the ravages if time.


I swim and walk a little.  I like all kinds of animals; I have had pet rats, birds, horses, turtles, snakes fish, raccoons, deer, dogs and cats. My preference is that they be alive.


Favorite movies include Casablanca, The Magic Cottage, The Bell, Book and Candle; Lavender and Old Lace, and Green Mansions


I "go back to school" every so often to pick-up new skills or to hone old ones. In 2000 I went back and acquired my Substance Abuse Counselor Certificate and while attending received honors for my efforts. During a down turn I also acquired a class B license and drove a dump truck for eleven years.


I started to work for Contra Costa County in 1967 in the Juvenile Probation Department in Group Homes. After seven years I transferred to Juvenile Hall, three years later there was an opening in the Hospital and my skills as a part time cook brought me many interesting opportunities for special dinners and "problem" eaters.  Five years later I became a lien file coordinator, storeroom clerk, and storekeeper. The storekeeper position in General Services sounded interesting so I transferred into the Building Maintenance Department where I ordered, received and maintained the inventory of parts, tools and supplies for the entire department which included craftsmen carpenters, electricians, painters, fitters, plumbers and signalmen.  I ended my career leading a work crew on roadside maintenance. All and all, interesting and varied,


My retirement is recent and so far have had no time to reflect. I've taken a cruise to Mexico and look forward to more cruises but for now, moving into the heat of Antioch is quite enough for me to deal with at the moment.