I wanted to be a Veterinarian and after a few years of college I decided to work as a Vet assistant.  I tried an office job but that was awful so I did more animal stuff. That is where I was the happiest so that is where I stayed for some 40 years and am still showing dogs, horses and living in Oregon with all kinds of animals. I did some painting and playing with clay but horses are my real love.


I stayed in the Bay Area for most of the time. I moved to Klamath Falls Oregon some 20 years ago.


I am married to the same man now for 45 years.  I have no children except for the four footed kind.  Animals are my interest and hobby. I also like music, art and sports.


I like football, ice hockey, and rodeo. I have two Boxer dogs, four cats and a lot of mini horses.


I am retired now and it was an easy transition. I moved and my boss retired and moved to Oregon a few years later.  I see him and his wife at least once a year so I don't miss them as much as I would have if they didn't come up here.