After graduation from Cap, I spent a year at CSM honing my secretarial skills, eventually landing my first job at the City of Paris Department Store in San Francisco where I worked in the HR Department.  After a year there, I left to take a position with the California State Division of Savings and Loan, working for the senior legal counsel for five years. 


My husband Tom and I married in 1964 and lived in Crestmoor for 33 years.  We had two children, a boy and a girl, who eventually went to Cap themselves, graduating in 1986 and 1988.  I loved being a stay-at-home mom, loved gardening, which became a true passion, entertaining, even took up sewing which would have floored my homemaking teacher at Cap given my lack of talents in class.  Activities centered around the kidsÕ schoolwork, sporting events, Brownies and Scouts but on our days off, weÕd spend the day on the Bay in our sailboat, days that were sometimes idyllic and leisurely or downright dangerous depending upon what the wind was doing—and believe me, on the Bay, itÕs always howling.       


After many happy years at home, I went back to work for a computer company, then worked Guy F. Atkinson Company, finally ending up at Hitachi America, Ltd. in Brisbane, California for 16 years.  Beautiful surroundings, a dream place to work in every respect, the job continually evolved and eventually led to liaison activities with UCB, Stanford and MIT, coordinating conferences and seminars, professorships, visiting scholars, research funding. 


Favorite movies:  IÕm a big film noir buff, films like Laura, Leave Her to Heaven and The Uninvited.  More modern favorites include The Holiday, YouÕve Got Mail, 50 First Dates and Just Like Heaven. 


We retired and moved to Grass Valley in 2001 to be near our daughter and grandchildren.  We remain active, volunteering for Meals on Wheels and the local all volunteer food bank.  Life is good.