Michael Morgan

I met Judy, my wife, while attending Capuchino. We have been married since 1962 and have two daughters and four grandchildren.

I attended Skyline College, College of San Mateo, and San Francisco State U. After graduating with a major in business administration I went on to take photography at City College of San Francisco.


I have worked in a number of industries including a number of years in the grocery business, and in route sales. I was with the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce as a director and later as the Executive Director. I was also the Membership Development Manager for the Oakland Chamber of Commerce. In 1987 I with a partner opened a full service Photography studio; photographing weddings, portraits, and commercial photography. After leaving the partnership I went on to work on my own and for other studios
and later joined Lifetouch a school photography company. After moving to Brentwood in 2003 I worked for East Bay Regional Park District, and later for Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Inc. Since being "downsized" from Dreyer's I am now retired.


Activities that make me most proud

¥ I managed a Christmas Tree Lot for the Millbrae Lions Club that averaged over $25,000.00 a year in net profits for five years.

¥ As President of the Millbrae Lions Club, I brought the idea of providing funds for a counseling program for all the students in all of the school district's Elementary Schools. This program provided counseling for students that were having problems at school or at home. We provided the councilors, who were graduate students from the USF, at no cost to the students or their families.

¥ I put together a scholarship program that helped High School students based on need of funds rather than on grade points. It was for students who may not be ready for a 4-year college but maybe a community college or trade school. They had to be able to prove they stayed enrolled and were passing their classes in order to continue with the scholarship.

¥ As Disaster Chairman, for Operations, for the Red Cross in Contra Costa Co, I was able to unite a dysfunctional organization. We had equipment that did not work and trailers that were not updated or functional, nor did we have the ability to move them to where we needed them in the case of a disaster in the county. I prepared a training program for the volunteers that included mock disasters. I put a team together to work on inventorying the trailers and making them ready to be towed when needed. I had towing equipment put on the Van and the two emergency vehicles so that they could be used to get the trailers where they were needed.

¥ As a member of the Brentwood Lions Club, I brought the successful idea of Youth in Government to the City. A program that has a group of seniors from Liberty High School and Heritage High School participate in city government for a week. They shadow city department leaders and City Council Members including the Mayor for a day. They participate in a City Council Meeting, prepare for, and conduct a Mock City Council meeting as if they had been elected to the positions.

Military service included a stint in the Air Force.... Airman 1st Class, 3 years 11 months 22 daysÉ not that I was counting!

Judy (Costamagna) and I have been together since I was in the 10th grade. Both of my daughters graduated from Capuchino and it looks like my grandson will also. We have a motor home and like to take a few short trips every few months.