After high school, I had the opportunity to join the Lockheed Missiles and Space (LMSC) Co-op program where I worked at the Sunnyvale complex for six months and attended UC Berkeley for six months. After five years, I received my BSEE degree and hired on full time at Lockheed. They immediately sent me to Stanford University, where I received my MSEE in two years while continuing to work part time at LMSC.  After graduation, I then hired on full time at LMSC and spend a total of 40 years in the Lockheed Corporation. In 1987, while still working for LMSC, my wife Cynthia and I had the opportunity to transfer to Nashua, NH to work for Sanders, an electronics company that Lockheed just purchased. In 1987, we had our daughter, Abra, who is currently in Pasadena attending college. In 1991, we had David, who is now a senior in high school.  In 2001, we decided that we could not spend any more time in New England and moved to Florida, where we now live.  We have had surprises and roadblocks along the way, but the one thing that kept us together was the very close family values and chemistry that we all believe in.


No military service, but worked in the aerospace defense industry, protecting our military and resources.


We are a very caring and loving family who have had our ups and downs. But, we work together as a team to solve the issues and panics together.


Favorite sports include football and baseball.  For exercise I walk a lot, especially with our two dogs.


Favorite movie of all time: The Godfather,


Retirement has been great, especially with two teenagers still at home. The transition was very smooth, and I kept busy by doing mystery shops.