Thought Bill and I would be married forever and almost made it ... 17 years, three kids. Originally we wanted six, can you believe it. We had two girls and a boy who all went to Capuchino. Bill bought out his dad's plumbing biz in SF and is still there. I was a stay at home mom while the kids were young and then got a job with United Airlines. During that time period of 14 years, we divorced. Bill remarried in March and I remarried in August 27 years ago. He's still working in the plumbing biz; I'm retired ... married a 'younger man' (10 years younger) who has aged significantly from being married to me! and having his own biz as a tile/stone installer. We now live in Pollock Pines and I love it. Don (hubby) still has a few years to work in order to keep me in the style I've become accustomed to. We have two grandsons - 23 and 3. Can't think of anything else right now but did go to the mini reunion in Placerville at the winery - and I found a wine that I LOVE!