When I got out of high school I just wanted to get a job and move out on my own. Having no funds to do that, and having parents that insisted I go to college if I was going to live in their house for awhile, I enrolled at CSM. I went semester by semester, thinking of quitting. I transferred to San Jose State and graduated in 1964 with an elementary teaching credential. I said I would never go back to college!


I taught fourth grade two years in San Jose. I lived in Sunnyvale with a cousin. We traveled Europe the summer after my first year of teaching. I got engaged to a long time friend from SF that next year and married in June 0f 66.


I started teaching in special education the year that I married. I had to go back to school to get that credential. I continued in school and got my Administrative Credential and went into school administration for San Mateo County Office of Education, Special Education Division. I worked for them for thirty three years and retired in 2003.


Jim and I had one daughter, Jeanette Barraco Gorshen. She also got a teaching credential and currently works in Court and Community Schools. She had a child Kendall who is our one and only granddaughter. What a treasure.


Jim and I have stayed close to home. We bought our first home in SSF. Then we built a home in Burlingame. The house had a common driveway that was a problem. We stayed only two years and built another home in Skyfarm area in Hillsborough. We have been in our current home for thirty-four years.


Jim and I are both retired. We do consulting. Jim was Operations Manager for SubZero Wolf and now does event planning for them and writes travel notes on their web site.

I do part time work for school districts locally. I also do part time field work for San Francisco State University. Both of us take care of our grand daughter Kendall who is currently 14 months old and a real cutie.


I was hoping to get some part time work pole dancing or something exciting like that. Hasn't happened so far. I took up magic and clowning for awhile and have fun with that.

Jim and I enjoy traveling especially in France and Italy. We will be going to Asia for the month of March on a cruise in 2010.


Interests and hobbies include Magic and Clowning; Gourmet Cooking and Wine (Jim and I owed a liquor store for ten years and have an extensive wine collection).


For exercise we have a treadmill and sometimes we belong to a gym, but not currently.


Favorite movies include Arthur with Dudley Moore and Taken


Degrees include AA, BA, and MA with credentials in Elementary Education, Special Education, Adult Education, and Community College Administrative Services. Received a People Who Care Award in 1999.


My career path included teaching until 1983. SMCOE Program Manager for Early Childhood Education, SED Autistic Programs, Severe Disorders of Language Program, and Secondary Services program. (from 1983 to 2003)


Transition into retirement was very smooth. Jim and I both retired but do consulting and get calls to do work. We have multiple interests at home including gardening - flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Gourmet wine and food is my husbandís specialty. We both love to cook.