Lynn Shouman Anfinson


My dream in high school was to graduate with my class. My social life always seemed more important to me than an education. I did spend a very short time at San Jose State then attended San Mateo Jr. College. Kind of backwards huh? Moved to SF and did accounting work for various companies and continued my social career with my roommates and friends.


I married in 1967. My husband passed away in 1993 from cancer. I have two wonderful sons that continue to give me joy every day of my life.  Erik is 39 and Aaron is 33. They have both gone into the fishing business as that was their fatherŐs profession.


I play golf (or try to) and struggle continually with my swing. I love to cook, read, and go to movies.  I belong to a poker group, volunteer for Hospice, and travel a little.


I play golf but enjoy watching football, and baseball. I exercise at Curves (itŐs not too strenuous). I have an African grey parrot. My son bought her for me so I wouldn't get lonely after my husband died. Thanks a lot kid!!!!!!!!! Something else to take care of.


Favorite movies of all time include Chocolate, Koyla, Pillow Talk, City Island, and The Reader.


Tell us about your educational experiences after high school:  Marriage Certificate and Drivers License!


I love retirement. I stopped working at 60 and have found the transition very smooth. Life is good!