Anne Turner


When I graduated from high school I wanted to go to nursing school and was enrolled in Saint Francis Nursing School in San Francisco, but because of other things I went to Maine for the summer and worked making cookies.  I then ended up back in California at CSM.  There, I along with thirty other students volunteered to go to Maine to work at the Jordan Pond House, a very fancy resort that specialized in steak and lobster.  The job age requirement was 18 but I lied (I was 17) and went anyway.  My age caught up with me when we got to Maine as I was not prepared for all the girls and guys in college and the things they knew and I did not know, just things about life.  When I left Maine after three wonderful months and returned to California I had already flunked out of CSM because I had left before taking the finals (probably would have flunked anyway!). 


I then went to work for Manhattan Shirt Company and after two years married Dick (Richard) Metz who is the love of my life.  Dick and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary in April 28 of this year. We live in Mtn. View in the same house that we bought in 1965 and love it here.  We have two boys, Tom and Eric and have four grand children. My boys and grand children are the love of my life.


For hobbies, I used to throw on the pottery wheel that Dick made for me and painted cartoon characters on stained wood. I also play Mah Jongg once a week (not the kind that you see on the computer, but the Asian way) with four wonderful friends. I also love to knit and can make anything.


About once a month we have our grandson Ethan who is now 12 stay with us, he lives in Roseville and our other grandchildren, Makena, Justine and Dove live in Southern California.


We have had several pets over the years.  We used to have a collie named Holly, who we had to give away as she ate our house...literally. We had two cats and a Doberman who lived for 12 years and a bird Cleo who died of a cold and also had several fish.


Favorite movies include Leave her to Heaven, Now Voyager, Harried Craig, Laura.


As far as education goes, I was short of an AA by almost two years as I had too much fun and left before finals were out.  My father said I majored in archery and dating.


I quit Manhattan shirt Co, when I got married and I was lucky enough to stay home until I worked at my fatherŐs drug store part time when the boys went to school and stayed home after that.  Dick and I are retired. When Dick retired our grandson Ethan was born and we took care of him for the first three years, three days a week.