Initially, I was going to pursue a pharmacy degree. I did not do well in high school chemistry, so I had my doubts. I went to CSM for about a year, then moved to Los Angeles and ran out of money trying to work in a car wash. Then I moved to live as a surfer bum on El Segundo beach for several months. This was a transitional experience! I headed back to Millbrae and enrolled in CSM with a commitment. I graduated and went on to SF state and obtained a BS and MS in Chemistry, of all things. I married a wonderful woman, who helped me go on and went to Univ. of Calif. at Davis and Berkeley to obtain a PhD in Chemistry.


After graduating from UC, I went to Florida State, Tallahassee to research and teach. I found the political climate of academics too much, so thought I would try industry for a while. I joined Monsanto Pensacola, FL in the R&D department and after five years moved to our Texas City facility. There I was manager of a catalyst group. After we sold the facility and I had to terminate 50+ folks, I moved back to Pensacola and eventually became Director of Technology for Nylon chemicals. I had technology and engineering groups in Texas, Florida and Alabama with contract groups in Novosibirsk, Siberia; Milan, Italy; Salt Lake City, Utah and numerous academic institutions throughout the world.


I was married to my first wife for 20+ years and after moving back to Pensacola we went our separate ways. We have a wonderful son who resides in Austin with a grandson. I remarried about two years later and have two stepdaughters and one step son and many grandchildren. My wife passed away about three years ago. We were the best wind surfers, golfers and bowlers on the gulf coast. I met a wonderful woman, Anna, and we married last year. She's from Montana; however, lived in Louisiana for some time and is a great Cajun cook!  She is taking up golf and bowling and we are doing a lot of domestic traveling.


I golf, swim, bowl and walk for exercise. Getting the house and yard in shape after Hurricane Ivan is still a major chore. Half the house was lost due to a tree. No permanent pets, only a stray cat that we feed when he shows up.


Favorite movies of all time include: How the West was Won, Wizard of Oz, and The River Runs Through It.


I retired in March of this year rather unexpectedly as our division was sold and my pension was at risk. So, it has been a roller coaster ride getting all finances and health insurance, etc coverage straight. The worst is behind and now we're planning some fun. We will be heading for Las Vegas Nov 1 2009, then 7-day Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Seward, May of next year. The Siberian group still wants us to visit for a farewell banquet... Stories and toasts are always combined with a 5 oz shot of Vodka.