I was planning to go to college, but my friend was going to get a job and convinced me that it would really be fun (not!).I worked at an insurance company for awhile hated it and went to work for a decorator and drapery shop.I met my husband through a friend I had made while at the insurance company and we married in 1962.He was in college so it was a little rough financially until he got out of graduate school. He worked 2-3 jobs to get thru and maintained all A's. In 1966 he received his Masters in Business along with the Masters Investiture for his class and off we went to seek our fortune.


We moved 17 times in our married life mostly in Ca. We started in Northern and moved to Southern. Lived in New Jersey for a short time and back to Southern Ca., Palos Verdes Estates one of my favorites, then to Dallas (loved it too).My youngest daughter still lives there. Back to Ca. built a home in Los Altos Hills and then my husband retired in 1987 after his second bypass surgery. Wemoved up to Santa Rosa and after 12 years moved to the Desert in Rancho Mirage where we now live and I hope stay. We've been here nine years itís looking good. We go up to the mountains for six weeks or so in the summer to get away from the heat.


We've been married 47 years; have two daughters and three granddaughters. I was an at home mom for most of my life and did all the stuff moms do, Brownie Leader, Girl Scout leader, room mother Pres. of PTA, etc.For several years I was involved with politics. I ran the Republican Headquarters in PV and was on the State Central Committee until we moved to Texas.I also did a lot of fund raisers for many different candidates. I even met two Presidents, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford and I really enjoyed it. I also worked part time at Macy's as a Bridal Consultant after my husband retired. It was that or hurt him as he was only 45.


For exercise we walk everyday except Sunday (go to Mass). My husband says its a day of rest. I workout at Curves five days a week, still not skinny, oh well. We have two Golden Retrievers and a Persian cat.We both like to read.


Favorite movies of all time include The Glenn Miller Story, Pillow Talk, Where's Papa, and Sordid Lives.


Education wise I took several classes at different colleges but only for self improvement. My husband worked in the registrarís office while he was in graduate school and made me a Masters in Homemaking diploma. I don't think it will get me a job.


 I was a good wife. I took great care of our children and their father. My husband was a great provider which allowed me to do that. I'm not a woman's libber. I was and still am proud to have been an at home mom.





I retired from Macy's two years ago. I had a great time working there. I only worked three days a week and had a lot of fun registering brides. I get my employee discount forever and at Bloomies too. I love that. My husband has a small Property Management Co that I help out with. He likes to keep busy.