Bob Weinberger



After High School, I went to the College of San Mateo while it was still out on Coyote Point. A week or two before the start of the Fall Semester, 1960, I decided to tryout for the football team. To my surprise, I made the team and joined Roger Dabney and Lynn Raymond there. I played for two seasons (both championships) and sometimes went to classes. Later, when I was considering coaching as a career, I was a walk-on coach at Jefferson High in Daly City and then went back to CSM and coached with Cliff Giffin and Dick Vermiel, who went on to the NFL and the Super Bowl. I still think I should have stuck with coaching and teaching history.


While at CSM, I met Claudia Stout (Cap ’62) and we were married in 1964. We moved to San Jose where I finished college at SJSU. Then I began a career in business (mostly sales and marketing) and politics which moved us around the Western US for several years. Our first child, Teresa, was born in 1966 and a son, Paul, was born in 1968 in Bellevue, WA. In 1969, my father died suddenly at the age of 54. It was then that I found out that his father had also died at 55, so I determined that I would not live much beyond 55 myself – a determination that has really screwed up my retirement plans since I am now way past the time I expected to join them.


In 1971, while working at Boise Cascade Corporation in Boise, ID, I joined the LDS Church (Mormon) and have been active ever since. A reflection of that activity is the fact that Claudia and I had four more children: Michael (’73), Julie (’75), Angie (’77) and Steve (’79). Michael passed away in 1976 as a result of a drowning, the darkest day of my life.


In 1972, we moved to Rancho Cordova, outside Sacramento, and I joined the administration of Governor Reagan, eventually heading the Office of Planning and Research in the Governor’s Office. I stayed on for another six months in Jerry Brown’s Administration and then rejoined the private sector. I returned to public service again in the Deukmejian Administration where I was responsible for the loan and grant programs for housing and economic development.


In the early 80’s, I considered joining the now President Reagan Administration but felt that it would be better for the family to remain in Sacramento. Claudia and I separated in 1986. I stuck around Sacramento for another year and then decided that it was time to move on. I was offered a partnership with a friend in Southern California and started Healthcare Development Group in 1987, a company I still run out of Salt Lake City and Sacramento (although at a much slower pace these days). Claudia and I remain good friends to this day.


In 1988, I met my present wife, Diane, while living in Laguna Niguel. We got married in Los Angeles and have one son, Chris, who is just finishing his LDS Church mission in Taiwan where he also learned Mandarin. I am counting on him to take care of us when the Chinese call all the US loans. Diane brought five other kids to the new marriage, 12 total plus 18 grandkids.


We finally gave up the larger house when most of the kids and grandkids left (although, many have made their way back to our “Hotel California”) and live now in a condo in Salt Lake City. Diane still works as a Director of a subsidiary of Credit Suisse Bank but wants to retire next year. I don’t plan any retirement as such as I enjoy working and being active developing business ideas. As far as being actively involved in politics, I believe I have fully repented and recovered.


I am looking forward to the reunion and catching up on a lot of years.