Hi Ron,

How sad.... I looked at the deceased list and it is shocking to see all of the names. I remember meeting Shirley in the 8th grade, I had moved from Santa Fe and enrolled at Parkside. I didn't know a soul, didn't know the styles kids in CA were wearing so I had these "red" oxfords that were my "school shoes". In those days with four children my parents couldn't afford a wardrobe of shoes, so we had "school shoes", "dress shoes" and "play shoes", that was it!  At the time white bucks were the style but I didn't know, so I was stuck with the red ones until my foot grew or they wore out! Shirley Wilson came up to me one day and said "you know, you could be popular if you got rid of those shoes". I remember noticing that all the girls DID have white bucks, and I also knew it was senseless to even ask if I could get new shoes, so I guess when those wore out, I was "accepted" into the popular group, because I got white bucks. I was looking forward to seeing her at the reunion...

xo Judee 1/21/10





Hi Ron,


Was sad to hear of Shirley's passing. We became good friends in my sophomore year and then I moved away.  Although we lost touch over the years I will always remember her great "laugh" and sense of humor. I was so looking forward to seeing her again at the reunion.


Pat Baker Rodriguez 2/22/10






Damn.....I hate that this list keeps growing. She was a lovely, kind girl.

take care....please


kc 1/21/10