Kathy Brumfield Kort
Klamath Falls, OR   May  28, 2009
Susan Askew Worthington, Jerry Massini, Susan Marcus Langfelder, Ron Herriott
Class of 1960
Pam Quarg Herriott('65) and Ron Herriott
John McClurg and Doreen O'Donnell McClurg
Forestville, CA   May 24, 2009
John and Susan Dicello, Ron Herriott and Pam Quarg Herriott('65), John and Wynne Bergman, Bob Curley and Kathleen Costa Curley, Al Penzel
Forestville, CA May 24, 2009
Just the Classmates
Susan AskewWorthington and Bill Worthington
Susan and John Dicello
Bernie Langfelder and Susan Marcus Langfelder
Susan  and Jerry Massini
Chris Weld and Pat Brooks Weld
John Shoemaker and Donna Daland Shoemaker
Bob Curley and Kathleen Costa Curley
Jim Barraco and Carol Schultheis Barraco
Gary and June Thomas.
Esther and Garrett Bergmark
Al Penzel
John and Wynne Bergman
Bob Lehto
Susan Smith
Olivia Glasgow Weitz and Jerry Cox
Al Pinn and Toni Bommarito Pinn
Pam(Jane) Purpus Stillwater
Millbrae, CA   October 1995
Thirty Fifth Class Reunion
Del and Barbara Fandrich
Ron Michels and Linda
Valerie Hykal Bishop
Harry Seagraves(Deceased)
Lee and Pungki Bullock
Paul and Carmel Ledyard
Jan(John) deVries
Ann de Vries
Weaverville, CA   August 29, 2009
The Ice Cream Factory manned by
John McClurg and Ann de Vries
Rich Fewer and Doris Winnen Fewer
Carmen(Carmelita) Ortiz Licata and Tony Licata
Weaverville, CA   August 29, 2009
The Blues Brothers and Sisters
Pat Brooks Weld, Kathy Costa Curley,
Jan(John) de Vries, Ann de Vries, Ron Herriott
Doreen O'Donnell McClurg, John McClurg
Judee C de Baca Biggles and Rich Biggles
Joan Blaess Ellingson(Deceased) and Ed(Glenn) Ellingson
Tony Carney and Diane Deason Carney
Tony and Anna Uriarte
On Your Mark
Get Set
Ta-Dah   Placerville, CA   October 24,2009
John Bergman
Gene Del Fava, Ron Herriott
Ann Purser Batey, Al Gray, Rick Zawada, Kathy Costa Curley, Diane Deason Carney
Dee Ormando Clowser, Kathy Brumfield Kort, Marcia Vernor Morucci, Valerie Hykal Bishop, Pat Baker Rodriguez
Don Clowser and Dee Ormando Clowser
Gil Rodriguez and Pat Baker Rodriguez
Jym Batey and Ann Purser Batey
Donna Olinger Gray and Al Gray
Connie and Rick Zawada
Jerry Morucci and Marcia Vernor Morucci
Pam Quarg Herriott('65) and Ron Herriott
Stanley Grosse and Pamela Sharpe Grosse
Mike Berges
Bob Pipinich and Daughter Sara
David Freed and Elaine Leblang Freed
Larry Gates and Erna Crikos Gates
San Bruno Girl Scout House, A long Time Ago
Back Row: Adults Joanne Crikos, Scout Leader Mrs. Baker and Sr. Scouts Cambell Sisters
Middle Row: Carol Hensel, Erna Crikos, Judy Sutten, Elida Thompson, Ann deVries, Valdena Watson, Terry Hughes
Front Row: Pat Baker, Donna Bailey, Judy ...... , Julia Parker, Valerie Hykal
Loren Canino and Shirley DePetris
Peggy and Rich Hernandez
Grandson Gio and Roberta Paul Lutjen
Dale Hamlin
Phil Freiermuth and Judy Boyd Freiermuth
Maui, HI February 26, 2010
Kahana Sunset Resort
Our Hosts
Pamela and Stanley Grosse
The Teacher and The Graduates
Susan Marcus Langfelder '60, Stanley Grosse, John Uriarte '65, Pamela Quarg Herriott '65, Ron Herriott '60
The Day is Ending
The Maui Sunset
After Dark
The Tsunami February 27, 2010
The Big Island March 2010
Al Pinn's 68th Birthday
A Tsunami Survivor
Pam Quarg Herriott('65)
Rich and Diane Jennings
John Shoemaker and Donna Daland Shoemaker
Somewhere in Arizona March 2010
Bill(Will) Schreiner, Bill Volkman, Jerry Mansfield, Dixon(Dixie) Howell
Bonnie Asplund Volkman('61) and Bill Volkman
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   April 28, 2010
Ron Herriott, Pam Quarg Herriott('65), Carole HogrefeTimmel Spinali, and Joe Spinali
Gail and John Nelms
Laura(Marv) Crowder Jack
Lenny Dold
Linda Flemming Zinola
Steve Munkdale and Sharon Dietel Munkdale
49th Wedding Anniversary December 2009
Jean Hanschen Dean and Rich Dean
Karen Bergesen Miller and Ed(Glenn) Ellingson
Carrie and Frank(Steve) Deak
Cherry Ave San Bruno 1966 or 1967
Jim Rhodes '58 and Jackie Genochio Rhodes
Jim and Jodi
Don and Jan Michels
Mary Fisher Green and Ron Herriott
Dixie Morales Contreras and Ron Herriott
Dick Metz and Anne Turner Metz
Tullio Bertini
Industrial Arts
Stanley Grosse 1965
Bertha Glaetzer Barton
John Fowler and Mary Koski Fowler